Tamara Madler


I’m a clinical therapist and addiction counselor with over two decades of professional experience in individual, family, and group therapy.

I believe that wellness is measured in many ways, and focus on the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. I provide services to all without discrimination and have dedicated my life to helping people. I am dedicated to developing and maintaining evidence-based practices that results in successful outcomes for anyone I serve.

I’ve worked in many different areas of counseling including inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, low and high intensity residential programs, outpatient treatment, and nursing homes. I’ve been a consultant to the correctional system, emergency rooms, medical units, and provided crisis response. I have guided people through major life changes, embraced celebrations, tackled addictions, managed serious mental illness and homelessness, and witnessed the life process.

Growing up in the Midwest, as a Christian I learned the value of hard work, humility, and hold a responsibility to others and my community. I love animals, the outdoors, making old things new again, crafting, and landscaping in my yard. Coming from a multi generational family, I know first hand how important a support system is and channel my background into my work.



Associates of Arts- Bismarck State University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology, minoring in Children and Family Services- North Dakota State University

Master of Social Work- University of North Dakota


Addiction Counselor

Clinical training through North Dakota Board of Addiction Counselors Consortium

Clinical Social Work in North Dakota and Minnesota