Allied Counseling, PC

Your Journey to New Beginnings

Individual and Family Therapy

We know what it takes to truly make a difference using passion, knowledge, and warmth. By creating a secure and relaxing space, we will help guide you forward. It is our honor to serve you.


Building partnerships that embrace education and change, and support people in reaching their goals and living confident, independent lives.

Reaching Out

Life can be complicated and demanding. Life isn’t meant to walk through alone and humanness is a condition of life. Staff serve as a helper-guide and believe that everyone possesses important qualities, and have what it takes to transform adversity. The goal is progress not perfection. The choices made today affect tomorrow, so let Allied Counseling help now.


You may examine your thoughts, process your past, and learn skills to feel better, value yourself, and meaningfully connect to others in an authentic manner. Interventions may include education, intrapersonal and interpersonal work, processing trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, and learning skills to mindfully breathe, meditate, and restore your overall health.

Allied's Process


We recognize that every client and their life experience is different. Therapy staff strive to ensure that every client feels heard, understood, respected and empowered. Allied Counseling believes in the importance of human connection and makes it a priority to provide regular sessions in order to complete the transformational process that results in a lasting impact.

Initial Session


Your therapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment by asking you about your mood, physical health, environment, past experiences, chemical use, relationships, employment, general functioning, and other areas. This initial session allows you and your therapist to get to know each other, and the outcome of this information may lead to a diagnosis. A diagnosis is requried by your insurance company.

Treatment Plan


Within the next 1-2 sessions, you and your therapist will put together a treatment plan. You may be asked to invite important people in your life to participate, because it adds another perspective and could increase your support. Your treatment plan revolves around the vision you have for your life and identifying goals and steps to change the things holding you back from living the life you want.

Ongoing Care


At each session you will be asked about your mood, life changes, stress level, self care, safety, basic needs, substance use if related, and what your support system is like. Your therapist may ask about assignments, clarify issues or concerns from the last session, and focus on new developments. There will be a mutual, continuous assessment of how things are going and whether you have reached your goals.

“If everyone is moving forward together,

success¬†takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford